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Broadband High Speed Internet

The majority of small businesses and consumers today are using broadband. Broadband offers high bandwidth at affordable prices.  

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Fiber is one of the most reliable ways to access the internet. Our partners offer DIA solutions that have symmetrical bandwidth (upload/download), higher QoS (Quality of Service), and better throughput. Our best in class partners offer SLA’s (Service level Agreements) to guarantee latency, uptime, and overall reliability. 

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless is the perfect solution to deliver high speed internet to hard to access areas in a short time frame. Our trusted partners can deliver up to 10Gbps through microwave, point to point technology. 


Software-defined wide-area networks can be easily and quickly scaled up or down to meet business demands. SD-WAN’s are cost effective and carrier-agnostic. With the rapid rise of remote work and cloud applications, this software based approach has become very popular.


Multiprotocol Label Switching has been around for over 20 years. MPLS exists in between layer 2 and layer 3 of the OSI hierarchy and is primarily used by enterprise level companies.


Point-to-Point links are Layer 2 data connections. Many of our partners offer highly competitive pricing for point-to-point connections. Most of our customers use P2P links to establish a secure cloud connection.


Rortek Solutions is an independent agent partnering with industry leaders including AT&T, Comcast, RingCentral, and other top providers to deliver customized business internet, network, voice, and cyber-security solutions that perfectly match your unique requirements.

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